Airsoft Essex rules and code of conduct

All Saxons should conduct themselves with honour and integrity, placing these values above “winning”. While the Saxon strives to be an effective and deadly soldier, winning is always secondary to the enjoyment of the air soft event, the camaraderie, physical exercise, teamwork, marksmanship, and field-craft skills.


A Saxon does not cheat in any manner at any time. Each and every Saxon understands that any suspected or confirmed instance of cheating or less than sportsman like conduct is grounds for sanctions, including dismissal from the game and/or discharge from The team. Saxon events are non-competitive, so there should never be any reason for an operator to attempt to hide a hit. This also extends off the field to include dealing with other members and other organisations. As a member of the team, you are an ambassador of the sport. If a member is found to be dealing dishonestly with another member, or organization, they will be summarily discharged from our ranks upon confirmed proof.

Fair Equipment

Our weapons will not chronograph greater than 1.5 Joules of kinetic energy. (350fps with .20g for a.e.g.s, Bolt action and locked to semi-auto weapons 450fps with minimum engagement distances and max ROF of 1 shot per second)

Respect of Rules and Rank

Every Saxon will adhere to the site rules & those of the event marshals.


A Saxon will never resort to physical violence of any kind. Should any team member ever do so, he or she will be immediately discharged from the team.

Admitting Defeat

Immediately upon being struck by a shot or shrapnel from a grenade or mine in an operation, the team member will signal clearly to the opponent by raising their hand with a loud call of “HIT”. This is our tribute to an opponent who has eliminated us.

No Close Shots

A Saxon will always call for a surrender when behind their opponent. Eliminating an opponent without a shot is the highest achievement on the battlefield. When called upon to surrender, a Saxon will always comply. The team member never shoots within 15 feet behind an enemy.

Clean Language

A Saxon never uses any profanity during a game/event, and reminds other participants of this rule when profanity is heard.

Saxons Are A Resource

All team members are helpful and friendly to new or inexperienced players, never critical, recognising that the safe future of Airsoft itself is dependent upon every participant having a good time, and taking positive impressions home at the end of the event.

Consideration For Others

The team member’s approach to airsoft is “Treat others the way you would want them to treat you”. Players who apply this philosophy generate positive “vibes” which spread to everyone at the OP, maximizing the “fun factor.”